Palestine Works is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to challenging gaps in advocacy approaches for Palestine. We are creating a community of professionals committed to delivering alternative and effective advocacy strategies in the Palestinian context.

We are building a network of capable professionals through high-impact knowledge exchange opportunities, including internships, conferences, publications, and networking. We thereby prepare these young professionals to mobilize their skills through our advocacy projects, which are guided by our core principles of service, innovation, efficacy and Palestinian agency.



Our network of young professionals grows with each fellowship class. We leverage the talent and scale of our network by assembling teams of young professionals to deliver impactful advocacy projects that advance the discourse on the Palestinians and the question of Palestine. Our staff members draw upon their unique perspectives, relationships, and global presence in designing creative projects and real strategies for change.


Our bond with Palestine and the Palestinian people is borne of service. Through our fellowship model, our network of young professionals work on the ground in Palestine and Israel, experiencing the rich culture and resilience of the Palestinian people. The professional and personal relationships they forge in Palestine lay the groundwork for lasting service to the Palestinian cause.


We strive to be effective advocates for the Palestinian people. Our team’s qualifications and experience enable Palestine Works to engage its constituents in a novel way. We look beyond the established, congested discourse on the questions of Palestine, maximizing our impact and resources by focusing on unexplored and even avoided issues and forums.


We see ourselves as an expression of Palestinian agency. We honor that agency through our proactivity: setting our own, forward-thinking agenda. While some of us are Palestinian and some of us are not, our collective experience includes extensive service in the Palestinian government and civil society organizations. Our diverse backgrounds and common purpose represent the Palestine we want: pluralistic, inclusive and representative.
We are authentically Palestinian and attentive
to Palestinian needs, but we occupy a unique
space within our community.