Palestine Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Contributions are tax-deductible according to applicable laws.

Palestine Works has completed a new strategic plan that outlines the organization’s growth strategy in the coming years. The plan is built on feedback from our advisors, partner organizations, law fellows and supporters. It will ensure that Palestine Works continues to grow and expand in programming while remaining true to its founding vision and mission.

But the plan requires us to expand our resources and capacity. Over our first two years, we made a conscious decision not to take outside funds for the simple reason that we were an all-volunteer team and didn't want to promise more than we could deliver. We focused all our efforts on the Law Fellowship. Last year, we sought and received support from a couple of key donors, which allowed us to begin implementing our advocacy and outreach strategy. The result is our current slate of programs and advocacy projects. We are delivering on our original commitment to create opportunities for young Palestinian professionals through the YPLF and have plans for similar fellowship programs in fields beyond law. And now, having shown our capabilities, we need your support to put our plan into action. Simply put, the greater the support, the sooner our organization realizes its potential. 

Thanks for your support.