Alice McBurney LF14 | The New Wave of Israel’s Discriminatory Laws

Alice McBurney, an alumna of the 2014 Law Fellowship, published a paper through Mosssawa Center titled "The New Wave of Israel’s Discriminatory Laws."

Here's an excerpt:

"Since Israel’s 2009 national election, which brought into power one of the most extreme right‐wing government coalitions in Israel’s history, discriminatory legislation and policies targeting Palestinian Arab citizens has dramatically intensified. This government proposed 35 discriminatory bills, the highest number of any Israeli government. This trend of passing discriminatory legislation continued after the 2013 national elections. The report documents the central developments of Israel’s discriminatory laws and their impact on Palestinian Arab citizens by placing them within a wider historical context of Israel’s discriminatory legal mechanisms. Central to this discrimination is the way in which the Israeli government routinely privileges the Jewish over the democratic character of the state, resulting in the development of a two‐tiered system of rights and entitlements under Israeli law; one for Jews and one for Palestinian Arabs. It has resulted in the subjugation of Palestinian Arab citizens as unequal and second‐class citizens. The report examines this two‐tiered phenomenon by exploring Israel's constitutional and citizenship law, land and planning regime, and system of political and socioeconomic rights."