Jordan Manalastas LF14 | The Revolution Will Not Be Legitimized

Law Fellow '14 Jordan Manalastas published an article in the Cornell International Law Journal Online, titled "The Revolution Will Not be Legitimized: Armed Resistance in Occupied Palestine."

Here’s an excerpt:

"But so long as the State of Israel insists upon ruling the unwilling, the old quarrel seems unlikely to be quelled. The First Additional Protocol, and the norms of self-determination and resistance it seeks to legitimize, provide a tenable chart by which to navigate this post imperial mess. The liberation armies of Palestine have languished long on the criminal fringe of the international order, and have behaved accordingly. It may serve humanitarian interests to engage them as international actors, and to demand of them compliance with the attendant laws of war. At the same time, the recognition of resistance would confirm to the world that the status quo is neither tolerable nor lawful—in other words, that self determination is not exclusive. The Israeli Palestinian narrative is one long history of denial: of the Palestinians’ suffering, of their agency, of their existence as a people. To deny the odiousness of occupation is to insult an injury decades in the making."