The Law Fellowship supports institutions that are defending human rights and fostering human development in Palestinian communities. Along the way, the Fellowship develops young professional advocates for Palestinian equal rights and informed, influential stakeholders in a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 


Developing New Advocates for Palestinian
Equal Rights
The Law Fellowship creates young professional advocates for Palestinian self-determination and equal rights. These advocates then carry their experiences of Palestine and their understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into their legal careers. Starting with their legacy projects, our Fellows advance the discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and play a constructive role in reaching a just resolution. Our alumni have gone on to elite law firms, government agencies, and other public-interest organizations, all while speaking their conscience about their experiences in Palestine and Israel and their commitment to a better future for the Palestinian people.

Supporting Palestinian Human Rights Defenders

With the prospects of a just and lasting peace as remote as ever, the work of Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations in monitoring, documenting and preventing human rights violations is more critical than ever. Our Law Fellows provide vital support to institutions that work to defend Palestinian human rights and unleash the potential of Palestinian human capital. All organizations participating in the Law Fellowship share these goals. Our objective is not cross-cultural understanding or exposure to the other side, but coordinated opposition to unlawful policies and practices.