Inaugurating the Young Palestinian Lawyers Fellowship Conference

Palestine Works will be hosting its inaugural Young Palestinian Lawyers Fellowship Conference on August 1, at Birzeit University in Palestine.

The Conference empowers the next generation of local, diaspora, and international leadership devoted to the question of Palestine to lay the groundwork for breakthroughs and change in the current discourse on Palestine.

Over 40 attendees from a dozen local and international law schools, as well as alumni of Palestine Works fellowships, will participate in any or all three Conference Programs, catered to advancing their careers and developing projects that exemplify the principles of service, innovation, efficacy, and Palestinian agency. These programs are the Speaking SeriesWriting Workshop, and the Moot Court competition.

Participants will be equipped with a foundation to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of international law, human rights, and Palestinian self-determination through an immersive space for career advancement, skills training, networking, and engagement.