YPLF Conference Legacy: Journal and Legal Advocacy Projects

Palestine Works hosted the Young Palestinian Lawyers Fellowship (YPLF) Conference on 1 - 5 August 2016, at Birzeit University. The Conference's theme was on Rebuilding the Palestinian National Movement. At the Conference, we had a total of 36 participants; 29 from the West Bank (including several from East Jerusalem), six from the United States, and one from Switzerland. Our participants engaged in dialogue amongst themselves and leading academic experts on the question of Palestine. 

Now, the Palestine Works team is, in light of the end of the Conference, compiling the YPLF Conference Journal to mark the accomplishment of our participants. Select material will be published in the Journal, a bound volume that will collect and distribute the legal scholarship made possible by the YPLF. The Journal will highlight and reinforce the lessons, high points, and key takeaways of the various conference components. 

Also, many of our participants (both Palestinian and international) have committed to ongoing participation in various civil society organization (CSO) legal advocacy projects, which will allow our participants to devote their legal skills to an array of external initiatives designed by our CSO partners. 

As the YPLF Conference legacy continues throughout the end of 2016, Palestine Works looks forward to hosting future YPLF Conferences. The 2016 YPLF Conference proved to be the starting point for a network of committed young Palestinian and international advocates for Palestine. Palestine Works has successfully empowered and strengthened this talented network with the legal capacities of the YPLF Conference. These young advocates will continue growing and flourishing and make an impactful change within Palestine.