Charles Shamas

Charles Shamas is a graduate of Yale University, Mr. Charles Shamas came to Palestine in 1976. He co-founded Al-Haq in 1979 and remained with the organization for the next 11 years. Also in 1979, Mr. Shamas founded MATTIN - the Centre for Production Development Ltd as a not-for-profit manufacturing company to test the institutional constraints on skilled labour-based manufacturing in the occupied Palestinian territories, and to pursue solutions. 

Between 1985-1988, MATTIN Ltd. utilized its production of designer lingerie to induce the European Community and the United States to establish import and product labelling regimes "in conformity with international law" specifically for OPT products, and led a successful effort to end Israel's prohibition of direct Palestinian agricultural exports.  MATTIN Ltd. was closed down by Israel's military government in 1990. 

The MATTIN Group, as it is now known, draws on the disciplines of law, cognitive science, economics, commerce and trade policy to address problems of international human rights and international humanitarian law implementation and enforcement and clarify related areas of third party responsibility. 

Mr. Shamas was also a co-founder of the Palestinian Trade Promotion Organization and serves on Human Rights Watch’s MENA Advisory Committee.

Mr. Shamas discussed how to achieve effectiveness and enforcement by using law to get States and corporations to abide by their own internalization of international legal norms and rules through external enforcement processes based on the principle of non-recognition of internationally-wrongful acts.