Lubna Katbeh

Ms. Lubna Katbeh is a managing partner of Equity Legal Group, a leading law firm in Palestine, based in Ramallah. Her practice focuses on banking and finance, litigation, contracts, consultation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and project management of rule of law projects. Ms. Katbeh is a Court Member of the International Chamber of Commerce's International Court of Arbitration and is the head of the ICC Palestine Monetary Authority and Security of its Board of Directors. In that role, Ms. Katbeh was responsible for overseeing the drafting of major economic laws and regulations, including the 2009 Banking Law, the Central Bank Law, and numerous other regulations pretaining to money exchange and microfinance. Ms. Katbeh also lectures on ADR and legal drafting at Birzeit University. 

Ms. Katbeh discussed the state of the law reform in Palestine, with emphasis on the growing differences between the legal regimes in Gaza and the West Bank, the practical challenges this phenomenon poses for the Palestinian bar, and its consequences for the Palestinian national movement. She also discussed the state of the Palestinian judiciary, including the new Constitutional Court, which was established by presidential decree in April 2016.